Rad Wellbeing

The Approach

The Rad Wellbeing approach is informed by the science of physiology, functional health principles and lab testing integration. This scientific perspective is woven together with a healthy dose of soul; a deeper level of understanding what it means to be truly well by living with compassion, heart and intention. 

Blending Science + Soul to Radically Transform Your Well-Being

True well-being is never about one specific, magical thing. It’s about the purposeful, holistic blending of approaches, and understanding that everything is connected. 

What Makes This Approach Different?

The Pyramid of Well-Being
In this process, we build health from the base up, following the ‘Pyramid of Well-Being.’ We start by optimizing your physical health, then delve into the realms of the mind, emotions, and nervous system, ultimately reaching your highest state of being and purpose. By establishing a solid physical foundation, progress in all other areas becomes more attainable and impactful. This holistic approach integrates every aspect of your well-being.
Fundamental Wellness Education

Education is imperative when making changes in your health. This program prioritizes education, providing content that I have personally created. Participants often refer to this content as “life-changing education” and “mini-Master Classes” on everything you need to know about health and wellness. Wellness trends can be a moving target, but there are certain practices that irrefutably contribute to health. The education focuses on these fundamentals, exploring how to build lasting health through a holistic lens. You can engage with this education at your own pace as a compliment to your one-on-one sessions.

Mindfulness-Based Guidance

Lasting change doesn’t happen until we cultivate awareness of our thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns, and habits – that awareness is mindfulness. White-knuckling change and exhausting your “will power” might work for a time but typically lands you right back where you started, frustrated that you weren’t able to make the changes you wanted to (yet again). I incorporate unique mindfulness practices into our work to help you move through patterns that do not serve you. This positively impacts not only your health goals, but every other aspect of your life.

Compassion Focused
Learning to be kind to yourself and how to make decisions derived from self-compassion can change everything. Simply put: radical care creates radical change. The cultivation of self-compassion is often the most transformative part of this process. When you create an inner environment of acceptance and kindness, anything is possible.
Diverse Tools
Health is never one size fits all. We are all exquisitely unique individuals and need different resources. I have a broad scope of training and resources to draw from involving personalized nutrition, lifestyle therapies, functional lab assessments, mindfulness training, movement tools, nervous system regulation and more. While there are certain fundamentals that are important for everyone, I aim to meet you right where you are to create a wellness plan just as unique as you.
You Are Not Alone

“Trusted advisors” are imperative on any journey – we simply can’t always do it alone. Knowing there is someone who believes in you can sometimes be the missing ingredient to making impactful changes in your life. I am here to guide and empower you as you move towards vitality, confidence, joy and a deep knowing of your own well-being.