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Having great resources is imperative on your
journey to optimal well-being.

It’s important that I can direct you to other wellness practitioners when expertise beyond my own is needed, or when I believe that other modalities may complement the work we are doing. Below is a list of Allied Care Providers in Austin, across a broad range of categories. I have personally worked with these practitioners over the years and believe in their patient care. If you are located outside of Austin, I am happy to help you find providers that are a great fit for you.

Allied Care Providers in Austin, TX

Integrative and Concierge Medicine Providers


Physical Optimization
Other Wellness Modalities

Lifestyle Resources

Below is a list of companies I believe in that can support you through food, environmental optimization
and personal care products.
Local, Sustainable and Regenerative Meat and Produce in the Austin Area
Meal Prep and Delivery in the Austin Area
Home Health and Personal Care Products

Top 10 Reads

Narrowing this list down to 10 books is a challenge as there is SO much great work out there.
The books below have deepened my understanding of the human body, mind, and spirit in a
major way, and are fantastic “suggested reading” for anyone desiring to positively impact their
overall wellbeing. All of these (and many others) help inform the approaches I take and
information I teach.

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