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The world of functional lab testing and supplements is overwhelming – it can feel like you need countless tests to get all the information you need and could benefit from taking every supplement created.

Good news!

Lab tests are not the ‘end all be all’, and you don’t need to take 15 different supplements every day to feel optimal. True health is mostly built into our day-to-day decisions around nutrition, lifestyle and many other inputs that we explore throughout the program.
However, having deeper insights to your health through targeted labs (especially labs interpreted in the context of “optimal health” vs. conventional ranges) can be extremely valuable in the right circumstances. Intentional supplement recommendations can also make significant shifts in your health, especially in a world where diet and lifestyle have created glaring nutrient gaps that are difficult to overcome.
Based on your health goals and history, we will work together to decide if lab testing and supplements can play a valuable role in achieving your health goals. I aim to keep these recommendations intentional, conservative, and as cost-effective as possible. The goal of testing and supplements should be to empower you with information and identify areas for health optimization, never to create overwhelm or make you feel like you are “broken”- because you are not!
If you are already working with a clinician who has run functional health tests or recommends supplements for you, I include these in your intake process and will integrate this information when creating your plan.

Testing Recommendations May Include

Comprehensive Functional Blood Panel
This goes far beyond the blood testing that is run in conventional medical settings- typically just a CBC/CMP- and is interpreted in the context of optimal reference ranges vs standard ranges (which are largely based on unhealthy populations). This provides an overview of physiological health and identification of major imbalances and issues.
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Continuous Glucose Monitor

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) provides an on-demand snapshot of your glucose level, so you can see in real time how your body responds to the foods you are eating. This information is invaluable as you aim to balance your blood sugar (a pillar of health you will learn about in the program) and can help instill more positive behavior around food. When your blood sugar is balanced, many other physiological processes find a natural balance as well.

GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP)
This stool test utilizes quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to get a reliable snapshot of your microbiome health, which is irrefutably linked to overall well-being. The GI MAP provides a comprehensive assessment of beneficial and consequential bacteria species, detects overgrowths of parasites, fungi and microbes, and provides valuable insights on intestinal health and gut barrier integrity (aka, “leaky gut”).
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Metabolomics Panel
Metabolomic analysis assesses the function of specific metabolic pathways. Specifically, this test provides insights around mitochondrial function, micronutrient and amino acid status, neurotransmitter metabolism, detoxification, oxidative stress and much more. This assessment offers more precise and personalized support, allowing for targeted interventions to enhance well-being.
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Food Sensitivity, Micronutrient, Toxicity and Genetic Panels may also be
considered, but starting with any of the options above typically provides
an abundance of actionable information for us to work with and avoids
the overwhelm that often comes with “over testing”.

Clinical-Grade Supplements

Supplements are extremely nuanced, and the goal should be bridging nutritional gaps that may exist from diet, genetics, stress, and other variables, versus a “pill for an ill” approach. Supplements are just that- a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. No magic supplement will override an unhealthy lifestyle.
Having worked in the field of clinical nutrition and supplements since 2016, I am keenly aware that not all supplements are created equal. The supplement industry is loosely regulated (especially in comparison to pharmaceuticals), and the purity, potency and quality measures behind supplements boil down to the individual integrity of the companies that make them.
There are a handful of supplement companies that have dedicated themselves to existing in the clinical space, leveraging science and data to create their formulas instead of marketing trends. These companies also have rigorous quality control methods- achieving cGMP/NSF status- and employ third party testing, finished product/sustained viability testing and bioavailability measures.

These higher standards allow for
more pure, efficacious, and trusted

I have full confidence in the Designs for Health supplement line after working with them in the clinical space for many years. You can purchase Designs for Health supplements below. I may also suggest other brands which are available on Fullscript and can be purchased here.

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