Rad Wellbeing

About Me

I believe that our challenges can create a portal to evolution, meaning, and a whole new way of experiencing life.
Hi, I’m Jacquelyn.
For most of my young adult life, anxiety, depression, binging substances, body image issues and persistent negative thoughts and emotions kept me deeply stuck. These paired with physical symptoms of fatigue, digestive problems, panic attacks, sleep challenges and hormonal imbalances, leaving me feeling depleted and discouraged. Uncomfortable with vulnerability at the time, I pushed through each day, maintaining a façade of achievement and perfectionism, sharing my struggles with very few.
Eventually I found myself at a crossroads where I could no longer ignore the signs that something deeply needed to change.

I set forth on a journey to find healing and peace at the physical level and beyond.

I believe this journey was gifted to me not just for my own evolution, but to help facilitate the evolution of many others. I now openly share my experiences of the past to let others know they are not alone, and that on the other side of struggling lies incredible new terrain to be explored.
Over many years I have redefined my understanding of what it means to be truly well. True health doesn’t come solely from optimal nutrition or consistent exercise, and it’s never about one magic thing. You can eat all the vegetables in the world, workout every day and still be deeply unhappy (and unhealthy).

It’s only when we look at every aspect of our life and align it in a way that
serves our total well-being that we can start to heal and thrive.

This is the philosophy of holistic health. Once I experienced the deep impact of this approach, my path became clear. Since 2016, I have worked in the field of clinical nutrition and functional medicine, helping educate over 400 physicians in both California and Texas. During this time, I have also led individual and group health coaching programs, helping many people create lasting changes and achieve meaningful wellness goals.

Over more recent years, the practices of mindfulness, compassion and nervous system regulation have become central to my own well-being and are now deeply woven into the work that I practice with clients. When applied in conjunction with the foundation of nutrition, lifestyle therapies and physiological optimization, the results are nothing short of profound.

I have experimented with countless types of wellness modalities over many years. At times I put my healing power in the hands of others, only to realize that others cannot directly heal us, they can only serve as trusted guides on our paths. The power to transform is always in us and often we just need support in realizing this.

It is my sincerest hope to be a trusted
guide on your journey of health
transformation, so you can live
radically well.

Trainings + Certifications

Certifications and letters behind your name can provide a solid educational foundation, but I believe that the most impactful training is the “earth school” and our lived experiences. A natural curiosity and desire to further my understanding of health have led me to several formal training and certification programs, which culminate to inform the approach that I take with clients. I am a lifelong learner and seek to continually expand my knowledge and understanding of well-being to best serve my clients, and so that I can show up for life in my highest potential.

  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), Institute of Integrative Nutrition 
  • Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist (DSS)
  • Functional Medicine Consultant/Health Educator for 6+ years (Designs for Health)
  • Mindful Awareness and Compassion Certified- UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) informed through Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society
  • Certified Yoga Sculpt and Barre Intensity Instructor
  • BA Communications, University of KentuckyIn

About Me

We all have roles to show up for in life, and my aim is to show up as authentically and impactfully as I can for the roles that have been graciously bestowed upon me. I am a wife to an incredible husband with whom I have shared 11 years of life, a loving daughter, sister and aunt, a devoted friend, doting dog mom and a passionate and inspired wellness practitioner.

I LOVE to be anywhere in nature (the Rockies and Pacific Coast are at the top of that list), to hike, write, cook, dance, attempt to play the ukulele (it’s the practice that counts- right?) and to share a laugh with loved ones. I am an animal rescue advocate and active member of my spiritual community here in Austin.
My husband Jeremy and I live in Austin (by way of California and Kentucky) with our two rescue pups- Elliott and Olive. I am blessed to be surrounded by people that I love and constantly learn from, and grateful to have a life I think is pretty rad.