Rad Wellbeing

Holistic Women’s Health + Functional Wellness 

Empowering women to

Find freedom from symptoms 

Understand and harmonize their bodies 

Heal from stress

Practice authentic self-care

Rooted in Austin, TX + serving women virtually across the US

A holistic women's health journey
rooted in Science and Soul

Every woman has the potential to feel vibrant, present, to thrive and fully enjoy life.

Sometimes you just need some help getting there.

While working together, we focus on investigating contributors to your symptoms, educating you on the best practices for your health and navigating your unique path to well-being. 

Sound Familiar?

“I feel like I’m just
getting through the day.
I’m exhausted”

“I don’t know
how or where to
start in feeling
better - I’m

“I feel like my body
is working
against me"

“I don’t feel well
enough to live
life in the way
I want to”

“I feel anxious and
stressed all the time”

You’re not alone – I’ve been there,

I understand, and I want to help.

The aim of the Radical Wellbeing program is simple:

to help you live in your highest potential.

This holistic process connects all the factors of your well-being, focusing on the pillars of:
Nutritional Optimization

Functional Lab
Assessments to uncover
contributors to dysfunction

Personalized Lifestyle
Plans to support stress,
sleep, fitness and more
Mental, Emotional and
Spiritual Wellbeing
Fundamental Wellness

Mindfulness and

There is an interplay between all aspects of health, and when
we understand that everything is connected, we see that
simple changes can create profound transformation.

You are about to meet an incredibly gifted, thoughtful, highly intelligent woman. Jackie Miller stands out from the crowd! Jackie is a delight to be with. She asks great questions, really listens and comes from a true heart space. I am always grateful to be in the presence of her expertise and grace.

– Meghan D.

Jackie is an amazing human being. I have worked with her for over 3 years and her knowledge in the field of health and wellness, her dedication to helping others and her desire to change lives is evident in all that she does. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to make changes in their life/lifestyle, wanting to step outside of their comfort zone and/or needs guidance to take their health into their own hands call Jackie to set up a discovery call! You won't be disappointed.

– Christy A.

I've been so lucky to have formed a strong professional relationship with Jacquelyn. I highly recommend working with her to take your health to the next level. She is educated, passionate, and is wonderful at holding space. She definitely has a special talent at honing in right on the issue and always has attainable solutions. Working with her is easy, enjoyable and she has lovely way of bringing out the talent and skills in others. Do not hesitate to start a beautiful healing journey with her as your guide.

– Dr. Lauren Sanchez.

Jackie is one of my favorite people to work with! Not only is she enjoyable to work with, she deeply understands the science and protocols that get results. She knows when testing & supplementation may be helpful (so she's not just guessing!) and when diet, lifestyle, and mental/emotional tools alone are exactly what's needed. One of things that I've found makes her unique is that you can tell how deeply she CARES about the work she does, by putting in the extra time and attention, and coming from a place of compassion. Thank you thank you thank you for all your help along the way!!!

– Siri S.

I help people struggling with:

  • Mood Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress and Burnout
  • Digestive Symptoms such as Leaky Gut, Indigestion, Bloating, Candida, Dysbiosis and more 
  • Hormonal Imbalances such as Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Estrogen Dominance, Cortisol Imbalance and more  
  • Metabolic Dysfunction and Weight Loss
  • Fatigue/Inconsistent Energy and Poor Quality Sleep
  • Overall Low-Quality Nutrition

My personalized, holistic approach guides you to the state of well-being you were created to live in.

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